Never Have a Brown Lawn Again

A beautiful yard can say a great deal about the neighborhood, the home and even the individuals that live there. Remember the last time you passed a house with a brown and dead yard? Boy, did it make a first impression. Fortunately, lawn care doesn’t require as much of an effort as you’d think, especially after the initial weeding and clean-up. There are ways to keep maintenance low and still have an incredible yard to host barbeques, garden parties, and children’s playdates in.

Sure, there are some benefits to knowing a little bit about lawn care for basic upkeep, but unless you work as a professional landscaper or horticulturist, extensive knowledge just won’t be necessary, and will in fact bog you down. If you visit a specialist or a local supply store, they’ll tell you that an efficient irrigation system will do a great job helping with hydration during the warm months, and, after all, if you need help servicing your sprinkler system in the GTA, there are experts available to do just that.
The thing about professional lawn care is that it is systematic, repetitive, and regular when it’s done best. When you have an expert analyze your garden, they will look out for certain characteristics: where the shade falls and which spots are the sunniest, for example, or where the ground slopes and moisture is most likely to puddle. These are simply the variations that alter systematic irrigation and need to be accounted for if your plants are going to grow healthily and your lawn is going to be even all over. Because EZ Lawn Sprinklers offer a variety of services, from products to installation on residential and business properties to winter care and maintenance, they know how to make even the most inconveniently placed beds and lawns flourish.

The thing about automatic systems that most people don’t fully understand is that they are far more likely to save you resources in the long run. When you control usage and time it correctly, you get the most value out of every drop, and, more importantly, there’s less chance or risk of making mistakes. You can set your sprinkler up to only use the amount of water recommended by your city’s government, for example, or time it to go off only before dawn. Best of all, EZ Lawn Sprinklers knows that each zone of your property might need different water pressure, so they match to the most effective and technologically updated sprinkler head. This way, you do less thinking about the yard and more barbequing and sunbathing.

Use a beautiful yard as an excuse to make neighbourhood connections, have that garage sale you’ve been thinking about since last year, or that pool party the kids were so excited about. Get active and use the space for physical exercise, for a small new patio, or a vegetable garden! The possibilities really open up when you’re excited about your lawn, and this is the perfect season to finally act on that.