JEE Advanced book severy IIT aspirant should have

Do you ever feel like you’re overwhelmed by the vast number of books that is available for JEE Advanced preparation? The moment you say ‘JEE Advanced books’ or type it in Google search, you hear and see an endless list of books each of which is supposedly the best for preparing you for the IITs. But how do you discern? How do you pick the right ones that will be worth the amount you’re shelling on them? How do you know which are the books that will help take you forward in your JEE Advanced preparations?

A million questions and a billion more answers; the next step is to tune out the wrong ones from the genuine ones. Let me start off by reminding you that NCERT books are the ones to beat. If you have them by the book (pun not intended), you have the exams in the bag! However, there are other books that will nicely complement the NCERT version. In this post, we shall aim to weed out the unnecessary ones from the top JEE Advanced books every IIT aspirant should have.


Best books for Physics

  1. HC Verma – Concepts of Physics (Part I & II)
  2. IIT JEE Physics – DC Pandey
  3. Problems in General Physics – I. E. Irodov
  4. Physics for IIT-JEE – Resnick, Halliday, Walker
  5. Problems in Physics – S. S. Krotov

Best books for Chemistry

  1. Organic Chemistry – Morrison Boyd
  2. Organic Chemistry – O. P Tandon
  3. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations – R. C. Mukherjee
  4. Numerical Chemistry – P. Bahadur
  5. Concise Inorganic Chemistry – J. D. Lee

Best books for Mathematics

  1. IIT Mathematics – M. L. Khanna
  2. Class XI & XII Mathematics – R. D. Sharma
  3. Trigonometry, Geometry Books – S. L. Loney
  4. Problems in Calculus of One Variable – I. A. Maron
  5. Higher Algebra – Hall and Knight

To know more about these best IIT JEE books click here. Kick start your exam preparations into gear with these preparation tips for JEE Advanced. All the best with your preparations!