Keeping Your Commercial Solar Service Working Well

When you compare the price of solar power with other technologies that generate power for your business, you may choose solar power since, solar energy doesn’t require any maintenance. However, you should still monitor your commercial solar power and make sure the system is maintained regularly to ensure that you’re using the energy properly and cutting down on business costs. Regular monitoring of your service also decreases the likelihood that your services will be interrupted, and reduce your risk of damage and fire to your establishment.


Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind.

Panel Supervision and Power Cabinets

Most solar power plant-related failures occur in the summer. Some of the common breakdowns include inverter shut-downs and fuse overheating. You can eliminate these issues in a short period of time if you have an operator inspect your power plant regularly. It’s important to deal with these issues as soon as possible, and the issues will be reported at the end of the month whenever there is a discrepancy between your monthly report and your electric power bill. For instance, if you have two plant inverters and one is not working properly, you could lose close to 10 percent of the power product for the year in just 30 days, since the summer is the time when the solar power output is the highest.

Panel Cleaning

Inspecting your solar panels will help you see dirt and debris on the module glass. It’s important to clean your panels as soon as you can, since things like leaves, bird droppings, dust and snow residue can affect the function of your solar panels. Remember that there is a connection between the strings and the modules of your solar panels, so the dirt on one module can impact the way power is generated by the whole module string. It’s best to hire professional cleaners to keep your solar panels intact, since cleaning the panels the wrong way can affect the way the panels function, which could cost you more money in the long run. However, if you decide to clean the panels yourself, use a mild detergent or cleaner that won’t damage the panels.

Additional Maintenance Tips

Your roof penetrations where the panels are positioned should be very secure. It’s also important to check for roof drainage to make sure that rain water and snow doesn’t damage the solar panels. Inspect the roof for clogging and look for signs of vegetation and water pooling on the roof or around your business. Look for ground erosion and mount footings where necessary.

As solar power plants age, it becomes crucial to pay attention to the way the system operates and the way the system should be maintained. This will ensure that the system performs well for years to come. Remember that solar power plants are usually located in areas where communication is poor. This means that internet connection and phone service can be scarce, so you may not get adequate data logging. So, make sure that you are connected to a monitoring system that requires a strong internet connection so you can save money and ensure service at your business throughout the year.