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Do you know the location of your stopcock?

Knowing the location of your stopcock is important when considering home maintenance. You might need to use it at any point, and if you don’t know where it is, this will be an obstacle to fixing problems with your plumbing. A stopcock is needed to turn off the water supply in your home, which can be vital if there is a problem.

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Many stopcocks are hidden inside a cupboard or under the kitchen sink. You will need to know its exact location if you are to turn off the water. This can be important if you have a leak and water is flooding your home.

What Does a Stopcock Look Like?

The problem is that many people don’t even know what a stopcock looks like, let alone where it is. The stopcock looks like a metal tap, which can be turned on and off. An important issue is

Turning your garage into the ultimate DIY workshop

The idea of doing some DIY is often more attractive than the reality. It is easy to find a YouTube video that will show you how to put up a shelf; however, once you try to do it yourself, you realise that it is not easy without a workshop. A well-equipped workshop is a must for any budding DIY enthusiast.

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According to Véronique Laury, CEO of B&Q’s parent company Kingfisher, it can be a shock when people move into their first home and realise that they don’t have a landlord! Suddenly they are faced with expensive tradesperson bills or they quickly have to learn how to do it themselves.

Here is how you can turn your garage into the ultimate DIY workshop and get started on those household jobs yourself.

Arrange your storage space

Start by having a clear out, as it is impossible to organise a …