How to build a thermally efficient conservatory

A conservatory can be a great addition to your home, providing extra space and allowing extra light in; however, all too often, conservatories are not used as they should be. To enjoy your conservatory all year round, you need to ensure it is constructed correctly.

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It is not pleasant to sit in a conservatory when it is too hot, like a greenhouse, or too cold, like an icebox. It is not sufficient to simply add radiators or underfloor heating or to open windows for ventilation; instead, you need to ensure your conservatory is constructed correctly to enjoy it all year round.

A conservatory needs to be built to be thermally efficient, so considerations need to be made when planning the construction. Reputable companies will help you to find the correct option; for example, when looking for conservatories with double glazing Gloucester has lots of options.

Consider the following points to ensure your conservatory is thermally efficient:

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The ideal position for a conservatory is facing south-east or south-west. This not only allows the conservatory to have the sun for a portion of the day but also time for it to cool off. If the conservatory has to face south, consider some planting or shielding to stop the area from overheating in the sun.


A conservatory needs adequate ventilation to keep cool in summer. There must be ventilation to allow warm air to escape; in addition, ceiling fans can be helpful.


This is a very important factor to consider. Although conservatories are as popular as ever, the popular styles and glazing trends have changed over time. When considering double glazing Gloucester has many reputable firms from which to choose. The main point to think about is to have energy efficient glazing; in addition, consider having two walls of glazing rather than three to stop overheating.


It is becoming increasingly popular for conservatories to have a solid or partially solid insulated roof. This will keep heat in the room in the winter and prevent the room from getting too much sun – and therefore getting too hot – in the summer.

By taking the above points into account when designing and building your conservatory, you can be certain it will be a feature of your house to be enjoyed all year round.