How to Find Metal Storage Containers on Sale – San Fransisco, California?

Most of the containers you will find are made out of steel because other materials can get damaged easier. It can be difficult to find high-quality for a cheap price but it is manageable because there are so many of them. For most people, buying a new one isn’t a good option because it is very expensive to ship it to your location. Most of the manufacturers are in China and the transport cost can be equal to the cost of the container.

The difference in a new one and one used for a few years won’t be huge so it’s better to gather some information about used storage containers in San Fran before making the purchase. You can find a good container only if you buy from a reputable seller and if you do the inspection yourself to check for damages. They might look good from the outside but the damage from the inside can lower the price a lot.

Where to Buy Shipping or Storage Containers?

There is a difference between knowing what you want and actually figuring out a way to get it. There are many options you have which are determined based on your preferences and location. Before even looking for a seller, you need to know what type of container you want, the size and in what condition. Have in mind that the price will be much larger for a new one and it won’t be very profitable if you order just one to be shipped to your location.

You will find the best possible options online. The only problem here is that you can only check the product through pictures or video. That’s why you should find a reputable seller that has a good rating and great reviews. Your options will be limited if you want to search for it offline so even if you have a friend that may refer a company that sells containers, check them out online to be sure.

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Making an Online Purchase

There are some benefits you will have depending on the location you are making the order. Some systems just work better and it is easier to make a purchase online in the US than other countries. There are many websites like BoxHub where you can search for containers nationwide. A money-back guarantee can be a nice advantage but you will have to pay for the shipping cost so always remember to do good research before purchasing.

The online seller that you are looking for should be connected to all larger companies that do shipping as proof that they are doing good business. Another good thing about online shopping is that you won’t have a middleman that you need to pay in order for him to find a certain product. So, everything is done directly with the supplier. Look out for the suppliers that won’t tell you the exact price online, they would want you to call them to negotiate. This can be a disadvantage for people that don’t have experience in buying them.

When searching online, just type what you need and the city you live in and the most popular website will be on Google’s first page. Craigslist is a well-known platform where you can find everything including local dealers. It’s best to search in For Sale category. Don’t focus only on your city, search for other nearest options that may have a better deal. Always go and inspect the item if you are not buying from a company or a dealership. Some individuals are looking to scam people into paying much more.

Finding Containers Offline

Even if the internet is full of opportunities, there might be some ways that you get a better deal offline. Some businesses or individuals will just forget about their container that lays around in their yard full of junk they are not using. For some reason, they don’t have time to clean it or place it on sale so it’s just sitting around. This is happening all over the country and they will for sure be interested if someone offers a price and to get it out of their yard.

If you know some companies that are in transport or shipping business, you can stop by and check if they have something they are not using. The price for these units should be minimal. Ask friends if they know someone or a company that has containers which aren’t in use. You’ll need to have spare time to do this because you might have to travel for a while to a certain destination.

Transaction Options

Self-funded purchase is maybe the best options because you can skip all the approvals. If you don’t have enough money, it is smart to save a little bit so the bank can approve financing which is the easiest to get for this type of units. The problem with online payment is that you can’t do cash transaction which is done in person unless you contact the seller and meet with them. Most of them will request a small deposit before shipping the unit so full cash-on-delivery is less likely to happen. Click here to read more.

The most common way to pay online is through a bank transfer. Check if they offer a money-back guarantee because these large transactions can be risky. If you don’t want to spend all your savings at the moment, you should ask a financing company to help out. This can be a good idea only when you are sure you will have a constant income so you can pay off the loan.

Using a credit card is the easiest way to finance it. They might have high interest rates but it depends on the situation. When you sign up for a certain card, they might offer an introductory 0% interest rate. The biggest advantage this payment option has is that you will be protected if something is wrong with the container and the dealer is not responsive when they need to fix it. Always read the terms so you can know what are purchase protection and extended warranty.