My DIY kitchen cabinets Sydney provides both the stone and laminate option

DIY kitchen cabinets Sydney offer an extensive range, not just on cabinets but other aspects that will add to a kitchens look being upgraded. Cabinets can be designed by you which means you would get the product specs that you are after. But why stop there since cabinets are just one part of getting an overall new look. The bench tops can also be done at the same time. My DIY kitchen cabinets Sydney provides both the stone and laminate option. The final choice would depend on how much you are willing to spend and the colour. With stone, there is only a limited selection while laminate has a much wider selection and is cheaper. Splash backs are a piece of material that is mounted onto the wall behind the stove top and prep area. It is there to protect the wall from any mess that might spill onto it and also from the head radiated from the stove. My DIY kitchen cabinets Sydney sells the Reflection range which is also one of the most sought after design pieces.


The material as its name suggests is reflective though is not entirely a mirror. It does provide more of an openness to the kitchen and brings in more light. DIY kitchen cabinets Sydney are not complete without the perfect door handles. The choice given by the company is between traditional and modern. So when choosing one, you must consider the theme of your kitchen and whether you are going for old school or more of a new age look. The sink area is essential in a kitchen. At My DIY kitchen cabinets Sydney we also supply these elements so that you would not have to visit multiple avenues to get them. Our sinks and taps come only in stainless steel. We prefer this as it has a long lasting wear and does not rust. This is essential as water is the basic element it will come into contact with.

It is also the area that sees some food being prepared and stainless steel wards off bacteria easily. They also give a shine which just adds to the final finish of the kitchen. The edges of the sinks have a double barrel lining which prevents any water from the sides from spilling over onto the nearby counter or onto the floor. Our DIY kitchen cabinets Sydney are made to ensure that the floor mounted ones will easily and perfectly be able to hold the sink. The sink is also lined with panels on the inside to minimize any noise created from water splashes or dishware being placed in. Probably the most exciting feature of their sinks is the waste disposal system. This is a small stainless steel basket placed over the sink drainage area. It will prevent any food from being taken into the piping which will eventually end up clogging the sink. This small basket acts as a barrier. It is removable so once it catches all of the leftover food particles, it can then easily be removed with the waste being thrown away and then it being placed back in spot.