Tackling a clogged drain – How would you unclog one and retain free movement of water?

All plumbing systems eventually develop clogs and there is nothing that you can do to avoid it. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t unclog them and regain free flowing water movement. The only good news for homeowners is that all clogged drains, sinks and plugged toilets can be fixed without always seeking help of a professional plumber. You just need to have the right tools and enough determination to solve plumbing issues like these. There are times of stubborn clogs that happen in your kitchen sink, toilet or floor drain. We have compiled a list of steps and the things that you can use in order to unblock blocked drains in your house. Check them out.


  • The Bent Wire Hanger

This is simple enough but it can be extremely effective. Take a wire coat hanger and straighten it as much as you can. Bend one end of the hanger to create a small hook-like portion. Push it inside the cover of the drain and start poking and soon you will see that all sorts of nasty stuff-like hair and other waste materials will come out of the drain. Always make sure that you will be pulling out junk and not pushing it. Ensure that it clears up things nicely.

  • The Wet and Dry Vacuum

Do you have a wet and dry vacuum which you get from shops? If answered yes, they can be a useful tool to unblock blocked drains. Set the vacuum cleaner to vacuum liquids and cover the vent to prohibit a mess. On the top of the drain, try to create the tightest seal and you may even choose to get creative and use an old head of a plunger for the purpose. As the vacuum is turned on to the highest setting, it can be powerful to draw up the clog on the pipe within the vacuum bag. Although it always doesn’t work but you can definitely try.

  • Vinegar and baking soda

Take 1/3rd cup of vinegar along with 1/3rd cup of baking soda in a measuring cup. You will find it fizzing immediately and don’t waste any time in pouring it into the clogged drain. This fizzy nature of the mixture will help remove all kinds of junk, hair, grime that has built up within the pipe. Allow it to rest there for an hour or overnight if possible. Then flush it off with hot water. You may also do this in a different way by pouring dry baking soda into the pipe first and then pouring the vinegar. The effect will be the same.

If you’ve been reading this entire article, chances are high that you have faced this kind of issue sometime or someday and then you didn’t have enough knowledge on unclogging clogged drains. Hence, take into account the above mentioned points to take care of your drains and pipes which lead to the outdoor.