Simple renovations to open up your living space

Square footage might be low in your living space, but don’t let that get you down. If your home has a small living space or you are moving to a home with a smaller living space, you might be looking for a cohesive design to live more comfortably. Make the most of your small space with these tips.

Let in natural light

Fill the room with natural light to open up the space. Install window shutters to allow more light into the room during the day for an airy look.Café-style shutters would be great in a small space since they let in the maximum amount of natural light. They cover the lower half of the window, which allows full light to pass through the upper half. This provides just the right balance between creating privacy and creating the appearance of a larger room by flooding it with natural light.

Bright and shiny

Once the sun has gone down and all natural light is gone, you will need to be able to light up every square foot of your small living space. Light fixtures can set the mood and divide spaces within a living room. Dividing space with lighting is helpful since it illuminates individual areas and makes the room seem larger by emphasizing different areas.

Install a large overhead light and smaller lighting for illuminating individual areas. Add a pendant light over a small table to create an intended space that is well-lit. Minimalist sconces add low light and interest to your wall, especially on an accent wall. Floor lamps also add specialized lighting to seating areas.


Airy colors

Our eyes perceive spaces with lighter colors to be larger and more open. Natural light is reflected more from lighter colors, so paint your walls light and airy colors. If you feel that white is boring, consider neutral tan or pale gray. There are many versions of pale neutrals, especially gray, with warm or cool variations. Pastel colors are a bolder option on the light end of the spectrum. Try painting samples of a few paint choicesin various areas to see how the light in your room changes the color before you settle on your final paint selection.

Central focal point

Add a focal point to the living room to draw your eye toward a point of interest. This makes the small space more personalized and draws attention away from the small size of the room. Floating shelves above the entertainment area create a focal point and are easy to install with the benefit of not takingup much space. This adds a mantle look without the fireplace.

The focal point doesn’t have to be the traditional wall across from the seating. Hang interesting artwork over seating, or arrange unique photos on a stark wall. If all other walls are white or a very light neutral color, consider creating a single accent wall with a brighter paint color. Fashionablenatural wall coverings such as cork or rice paper give the appearance of a natural texture and make your accent wall truly distinct.

Go minimal

Think minimal to design a small living space. Before buying new furniture, measure your living space. Determine if you want plenty of seating with a reasonably compact layout or minimal seating for a sleek open layout. If you have a corner to fill and need extra seating, you might find an L-shaped couch to fit your space. If your seating needs to be spread out, consider a small couch or love seat and a pair of armchairs.

Each piece has a purpose or two

Comfort and function are top priorities in making a great small space. Look for small pieces that serve multiple functions. Coffee tables and ottomans with built-in storage provide a place to store items such as blankets and throw pillows. A coffee table with storage should limit the need for multiple end tables that clutter a small space since the remote control can be stored there.

If you have a small awkward space or an uninviting corner that’s not large enough for much furniture, consider installing a window seat or a bench in an unused space. Make sure that the bench or window seat opens with storage underneath the seat. This would be a great place to keep electronics to enjoy later or books to read in your new favorite spot.

Love your small living space by making it comfortable. Limited space doesn’t have to impact your happiness at home if you make a few simple modifications. These tips should provide you with a functional living space that feels open and airy.
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