Choose EPDM Roofing Material for Your Flat Roof

The unpredictable nature of weather is a big challenge for most homeowners. The winter seasons are sometimes a little dry, while it may rain sometimes in summer; however you should make sure your house is able to hold up against any weather condition, any season of the year.

It is also necessary to clean the gutters and check for leaks to avoid structural impairment due to wetness. In case you have installed a flat roof in your house, it is only proper to check for leaks as part of your routine maintenance acts. This simple routine can help prevent damages to your properties due to a leaking roof. Looking for reliable flat roofing specialist? Your search ends here with King Koating, the best hand for your flat roofing job


If you discover that your flat roof requires replacement, then it’s best to have it replaced with EPDM (Ethylene Propylene diene Monomer Rubber) roof. The rewards that come with it are numerous as it;

  • Requires no maintenance
  • Formed from eco-friendly materials,
  • Is highly durable (over fifty years) and
  • Ultraviolet rays resistant

EPDM is a long-lasting, man-made rubber sheet that is constructed from ethylene and propylene. It is installed with a special waterproof adhesive and is very suitable as material for flat roofs. It is also suitable for door/window seals as well as hose pipes.

Unlike other types of flat roof materials which require high heat for installation, the EPDM requires cold applied adhesives for installation. This totally eradicates the risk of fire during installation. You can get the adhesive when buying the roof.

In order to determine the amount of EPDM to be used, make use of the calculator provided on the websites. This helps to calculate the total roof size as well as the type of edges joining the flat roof. The choice of EPDM material selected and whatever extras may be included, prior to the completion of the final order.

Be aware that EPDM comes in varying lengths and widths to satisfy your need for diversity. This variance in lengths and width certifies that they suit your project as needed.

Different types of EPDM are available in the market. In the regular type, a pure rubber sheet is installed while in the more sophisticated type, a polyester fleece layer is usually attached to the back of the rubber. This extra layer permits it to be installed on any kind of system and hides any unevenness on the surface layer.

You can search online for companies that deal on the EPDM and when you find a reliable company, you can go ahead to place your order.  The company should help to direct you on the type and price of EPDM required for your flat roof. There is usually a safe and guaranteed payment system available to make your payment online and your order is delivered few days later. A flat roof specialist can conveniently install your flat roof professionally.