When Do You Need Professional Help With Pest Control?

Pest control s an unavoidable fact of life. In fact statistics show that 6.32 million people in the US are likely to have used pest control services during 2017.

This is a huge number and it doesn’t even show the entire picture. After all, many people will attempt to deal with a pest problem themselves first, before bringing in the professionals. This is illustrated by the fact that the home and garden pest control market is worth in excess of $2 billion.

So when do you admit that you can no longer deal with the issue and get professional help?

Repeat Offenders

If you’ve had a go at eliminating a specific pest and it returns then you’re not getting to the root of the problem. This is often the case when dealing with hive insects, such as hornets or termites. You can kill the workers but the queen survives to rebuild.

If you’re having a repeat issue then professional help is essential.


You can get a wide range of potentially dangerous chemicals in your local DIY store. However, you must be very careful when administrating them. They are not just harmful to pests; they can affect your health as well!

A professional will know the chemicals and the right procedures to ensure the pests are eradicated but you are kept safe. They can also access stronger chemicals than you can, ensuring your pest is gone for good.


If you’re not sure which pest you are actually dealing with or if there are multiple pests then you should seek professional help. An expert will be able to identify the pests or pests and then take the appropriate action.

While a general pest killer can be effective this is not always the case. The knowledge an expert has is gained through training and experience; they will be able to help you!

This is particularly illustrated when dealing with a wide range of insects such as flies and even wasps; they leave a pheromone trail which needs to be removed.

You won’t be able to smell it but the other pests will and will be attracted to it!


Your friendly pest control expert will be much quicker at removing a pest issue than you. This means there will be less damage caused to your home which is a good thing!

In fact it can make the difference between structural damage and a safe home!


There are some pests which are dangerous to humans and some which simply live in dangerous spots. There is also danger if they have undermined your foundations or another part of your building. Even dealing with a bees nest can be dangerous or fatal, especially if you have allergies.

This is when you should get a professional to remove the pests for you. They have the gear and the knowledge to do this successfully and safely.

They can even report on any damage left by the pests allowing you to repair it quickly.

Finally, a professional can also help advise you in how to prevent the pests from returning.