How to Eliminate Pests After A Monsoon

Monsoon is coming, and you must gear up to enjoy the sprinkle of raindrops that provides necessary coldness all around. Be mindful also that the wet season boosts the development of various harmful organisms. Aside from fungi and bacteria, insects and pests are also active during this time.

These concerns easily become out of control and hard to handle if no appropriate actions are taken. Before it is too late, ask a private pest control service provider like Rove Pest Control or try these alternative ways to eradicate pests at home.

Clean out stagnant water

The high humidity levels in the wind and stagnant water become an ideal field of breeding mosquitoes which can bring severe illnesses. Therefore, it is important to clear out water from flower vases, plant pots, coolers or any place that can hold water whenever there is rain. In addition, water drums, buckets, and other containers should be covered. Clogged ponds and drains should have flowing water. You can also drop in a small amount of kerosene or used oil to deter the growth of larvae.

Install screens

Most people leave their windows and doors wide open to have fresh air and coolness inside their houses. However, this can be a perfect opportunity for fleas, mosquitoes and other monsoon pests to enter your home. In order to have a cool ambiance in your home without the presence of these harmful pests, install screens on doors and windows. You can purchase these from almost all hardware stores. Know the size of your windows and doors first, so you will know the appropriate measurement of the screen you need to acquire. Prepare also these necessary tools for installing screens:

  • Cordless drill
  • Utility knife
  • 4 in 1 screwdriver
  • Metal scissor
  • Awl
  • Screen roller

Dispose of your garbage appropriately and immediately

Properly dispose of garbage inside and around your home to keep pests away. It is vital to have a clean environment, especially throughout the monsoon season because rubbish invites plenty of pests such as fleas and rodents. Keeping your house and surroundings clean helps keep your family healthy.

Use natural agents

These two specific natural agents are good against pests. Try to acquire them and utilize their powerful effect in eliminating pests.

  • Tulsi Tree

Tulsi is a great organic agent to avoid mosquitoes and other pests. This tree impedes mosquitoes from getting into your home. Also, it is effective in exterminating mosquito larvae. Tulsi tree does not need a large space to grow, so it is also possible to have it inside your house by planting it in a pot.

  • Camphor

Another excellent natural agent that deters pests is camphor. It serves as an efficient natural pesticide due to its properties. Everything is prone to becoming moist and wet during monsoon. Placing camphor in cabinets effectively repels pests from your clothes. Always ensure that the clothes you put in your cabinets are totally dry.


The techniques stated above are certainly going to help you in eliminating different monsoon pests. It is also advisable to have an inspection or treatment by a pest control expert like Rove Pest Control in preparation for the monsoon season. This will give your family an enjoyable and safe environment for the rainy days.