What Are French Casement Windows?

If you’re buying windows for your home, you might be tempted to look for the window types you’re already familiar with, such as double-hung, casement, or bow windows. But if you’re going out of your way to get brand new Renewal by Andersen of Central NC windows, you might as well make them as unique and special as possible. Why not consider French casement windows for your next project? While the name alone might seem like a confusing mix of styles, the idea of a French casement window is simple. You get all the beauty of a french door style that opens outward into the outdoors, plus the convenience and structure of a casement window. You’ll be able to boost ventilation, get a better view, and have the benefit of a unique, beautiful window type to show off in your home. So what exactly are French casement windows? Here are a few of the most notable aspects.

They Open Like French Doors

If you know anything about how French doors work, you’ll know that they’re famous for opening outward (rather than swinging back and forth, ranch-style) and creating a beautiful, light-filled transom in between a home’s indoor and outdoor area. But that’s not all they do. French doors can be left open to create a more breezy indoor atmosphere, or they can stay closed and surrounded by plants to create a perfect in-home terrarium. The light, breeze, and space created by French doors is a perfect match for a kitchen that opens onto a patio or a backyard that’s attached to a living room. When it comes to French casement windows, you get the benefit of this breeziness and light in the smaller form of an overhead window. This window style is absolutely perfect for kitchens in place of a bow window. They can also be installed in other hard-to-reach areas. Since casements usually operate through a crank function, they’re able to hold a larger window without using a heavier frame to block out the view. French casement windows combine the best of both worlds to offer a perfect view in a light, breezy package.

The Casement Style Creates a Better Breeze

If you’re trying to install a window that will bring a bit more ventilation into a stuffy or hard-to-air-out room, casement windows are always a good bet. Not only are they made to catch the breeze at a unique angle, they’re perfect for hard-to-reach places, such as the area right above the sink or in rooms with high ceilings. Traditional casements, however, only open so far outward. Using a French casement window will increase safety by allowing you the free opening function of French doors with the safety of a casement window structure. You’ll be able to install French casement windows in higher-up areas or install them around the house for a more protected atmosphere. Since these windows can’t be opened from the outside, they’re the perfect choice for enhanced security as well as catching a better breeze.

They Have No Divide

Casement windows traditionally function by using a crank feature to push windows outward. The windows and frames themselves are supported by a thick divider beam in the middle so that a heavier, larger window will be able to use the same unique opening function. Since French casement windows use sashes to open and close, they don’t need this middle divider. This allows homeowners to fully open their windows without having to use a double-hung style. Picture having a tiny set of French doors above your kitchen sink or in your living room. That’s essentially what you’ll get when you invest in a French casement window. You’ll be able to combine the elegance of the traditional French door in a miniature, highly functional form.

They’re Great for Kitchens and Bathrooms

If you’re someone who cooks a lot and needs a significant amount of airflow to be circulating through the kitchen, or someone who simply enjoys a breeze, you’ll love having a French casement window in just about any room of your home. However, for areas that are smaller, cramped, or have an unconventional structure, using this window style could be the perfect way to create a less stuff, claustrophobic atmosphere. Installing a French casement window will allow for better light, a less traditional window style, and a larger type of outward-opening window that can’t be tampered with or opened from the outside. A French casement is also perfect for rooms on higher floors that can have the windows stay open all day.