Tips for decorating high ceilings

If you crave a little extra space but all you have is vertical, this can pose some unique challenges when it comes to decorating.

Having a ceiling can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. A high ceiling can make the room feel luxurious and sophisticated, but it can also leave a space feeling a little empty and cold. To avoid this, you need to blend the area up and down by drawing the eye upward.

Here are six ways to decorate high space and make the most of your soaring ceilings.

Install high up artwork

Utilize blank space on the uppermost parts of the wall with hanging artwork and decorative designs. This could mean a distinctive display that runs the entire length of the room, or you can hang something tall to the wall. Whatever you hang must clearly bind to the entire room, but no matter whether it’s a large item or a small, decorated area, it must help to draw the eye upward.

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Window treatments for ceilings

This is a tough one for some to comprehend, but no matter how high the windows, hang your curtains on the high ceilings. If you bring them lower, you will create a division in the walls and create cold isolated areas. It will take considerable amounts of fabric, but it will produce a very striking effect and make your room look amazing. A good choice is to use a solid colour for this. Patterns can be overwhelming when used on this scale.

Use architectural details

Many homes with high ceilings own architectural details like exposed beams or beadboard. If you do not, consider adding some. Indeed, it can be expensive, but adding details to the ceiling will help to create a more cohesive feel with the rest of the space and also add character to an otherwise dull and empty room.

Statement light fixture

A hanging light fixture makes a big statement, especially when in a prominent place and it’s an ideal way to connect the upper and lower parts of a room. The position for hanging will depend on the size and layout of the room but located in the middle of the ceiling is normally a good spot. Look for an eye-catching piece but not necessarily heavy in scale. For example, crystal chandeliers can be a striking and elegant choice. 

Fitted wardrobes

Tall fitted wardrobes that reach the ceiling are another great way to utilise what would otherwise be wasted space. For Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes, visit a site like

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Create feature walls

Creating a feature wall that runs from floor to ceiling can create cohesion between the two parts of the room. This can be achieved cheaply with just the cost of a can of paint, or you can do something more complicated. If you have a fireplace, consider extending upward with more tile, brick, or stone. A pallet timber wall is another unique choice that will enhance and not overwhelm the room. Wallpaper can work for this type of feature wall. 

Use creative shelves

Shelves are a great way to take advantage of empty wall space, and when it comes to high rooms, there are many options. Consider a tall bookcase, but if the room is very high, you may have to get creative. Book enthusiasts can appreciate feature walls made of shelves, but also think about installing some floating shelves in varying locations on the wall.