3 Benefits of Selling Your House For Cash

More often than not, selling a home can be a very long and complicated process involving realtors and brokers. But, that doesn’t always have to be the case. If someone told you that this moment might not be the best time to sell your house, tell them they’re absolutely wrong! 

Regardless of the weather, the season or if the school has just started, you can still sell your house. There are still companies out there that can buy your house at any time of the year for an extremely great deal! One who may increase the chances of you selling your house regardless of your situation.

Let’s break down some of the benefits you’ll get if you choose to work with a reputable home buying company.

3 Benefits of Selling Your House For Cash


Selling for cash is the fastest and easiest way to sell your house. Most home buying company aims to make their process fast and convenient which sets them apart from a traditional home buying company and/or a regular real estate agent. I have encountered a few which provided very good and upfront services and often only have 3 to 4 steps before you can finish the deal.

I have looked into a few of them and let me share with you some of my observations on how they were able to make the process fast and simple.

  • You can start the process by simply calling them and giving them some information about the house. Things that they may ask are: If the house is empty or if there are tenants living in the property, the condition of the house (if there are renovation that has been made recently) if you have a specific timeline on when you want to sell and how much you’re expecting for the house.
  • Often, they’ll ask for an appointment to see for themselves the condition of the house. Sometimes they just ask for pictures. Next would be them running the numbers to give you an offer based on comparable sales and the amount of work that needs to be done.
  • Lastly, if the proposal works for you, what comes next is the paperwork and they’ll provide the cash right off the bat.

 Voila! You sold your house for cash. The process is like a walk in the park. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. 


These past few months, the real estate market is a bit weird and somehow scary. It’s because of the property value fluctuations. Because of this, getting a fair deal is absolutely tricky and hard most especially if you are a seller.

You’d be forced to work on the property’s curb appeal, do repairs, prepare the house and make sure it’s in showroom condition in an attempt to attract buyers. All these and you’re still not sure if you’re going to score a deal. This means gambling thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money for a possibility that may never happen.

There are still numbers of credible home buying companies out there that will make sure you’ll be provided a fair deal regardless of the condition of the house. Most cash buyers do not require you to put a lot of work fixing your property. Heck, they won’t even request you to clean it. You can still get a fair cash offer. All you have to do is do your research and make sure that you’ll check reviews to double-check their credibility.


Another benefit that you’d be happy to hear about is — No Fees and definitely No agent Commissions. Nothing can be more satisfying than selling your house and pocketing every single dollar that it is worth.

Commissions and fees vary and it depends on the agent/broker. It can go up to 6-10% of the total amount of the deal. It really takes a toll on how much you can get after selling your house. Now imaging pocketing the full amount for your property? It may sound like a hoax but it is possible.

Find a home buying company that understands their client’s needs and reasons for selling their house in such a rush. A company that does not take advantage of the situation. Find one that is dedicated to helping their customer get out of the stressful situation.


The bottom line is: the most effective way to sell your house fast is not by “getting the property ready to sell” or adding “cosmetics” to your property. Rather, it’s finding a reliable buyer that will give you an accurate price and is willing to work around your circumstances.