For the Good of the Company

The company secretary in Singapore that I hired has been an improvement over the one that used to work for my company. My company is a chocolate company that was started by my father many years ago. He started the company to sell some chocolates that he made to other people, and it became such a big hit with the locals that it grew. Now that I’m in charge of the company, I’ve expanded it a bit more. The secretary who worked for me has been working with us for many years, but it was time to finally replace her with someone else.

I had to replace the secretary because her work started to decline. She used to be good at her job, but over the years she became slower, would have trouble remembering where she put things or if she even did things, and sometimes she would show up late for work without an explanation. I had to do something about her or the company would begin to suffer because of it. I made the hard decision to terminate her employment, and she thanked me for letting her work at the company for so long.

I was a bit sad to see the secretary go, but it was for the best. With that done, I looked for a new secretary immediately. I found out about the service where I could hire a secretary from an online search and contacted them. They told me that they had just the person who would be perfect for my job. The secretary was able to start working for my company pretty quickly and did a great job. She handled all of the tasks that I gave her in a reasonable time frame and was able to remember a lot and knew where everything was in the office.