The Heart of Rustic Style

Rustic decor is that the hot new trend in interior design. Rustic furniture has its origins within the handmade fixtures that folks would bring their log cabins within the late 18th century in America. Furniture would be made by cobbling together left over wood and camping accessories for a home grown feeling. Later, the rich lodge owners within the mountainous areas ordered more furnishings following the country trend and products of accelerating sophistication which retained the cobbled together look began to be made. The country trend has remained during a big way for the decor of log cabins and mountain homes by the utilization of sticks, logs and wood effect materials. Rustic lighting is made to enrich the furniture of those vacation homes for a homely feel and to offer a rural welcoming atmosphere. Rustic lighting has animal and nature themed design to finish the design of your dream dwelling within the mountains. Let’s take a glance at the various rustic lighting on offer: a country candle chandelier is, almost by definition, a private work of art. It is often your creative effort on display if you’ve got a jones for salvaging unexpected trash and turning it into treasure. Exposed brick and cement floors are characteristic of an industrial loft; an equivalent way white color palettes and natural light are faithful Scandinavian design. So, of course, the country style has its own nuances, as well. Overall, rustic style is charming and rich in history. Almost everything within the house seems like it’s a past with some real stories to inform. You’ll see it within the distressed wood and matte metals. There’s nothing shiny here. Rustic is rugged, not pretentious. It’s natural and organic, not plastic or manufactured. The materials are sturdy and textured, which is why you’ll see stone round the fireplace and chunky furnishings that welcome you with open arms. Face it. You would like lighting in every room, which suggests you’ve got several opportunities to feature rustic style to your home. Whether you would like it to be a press release piece or a fly the wall, all depends on the weather you select and therefore the sort of light fixture you would like in your space. Rustic chandeliers aren’t your average chandeliers. There are not any crystal flourishes or linen lamp shades, but that doesn’t mean simple materials can’t make an impact. Rustic chandeliers tend to be large and responsible of the space they’re in.

Where to hold your rustic chandelier: Save these focal points for vaulted ceilings or rooms where you would like a touch drama – just like the bedroom.