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Air conditioning systems can develop problems due to constant use that require AC repair in Gainesville. Here are some of the most common issues they can have.

5 Common Problems With AC Systems (Header 1)Air conditioning systems are one of the essential features of the modern American home. They keep the internal environment at a comfortable temperature through the hot summer months. However, with constant use, a system can develop issues that will require AC repair in Gainesville.

As a homeowner, you should learn about some of the most common problems that your HVAC may have. This will help you identify them should they occur in the future. Read on to learn about some of these issues.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Sometimes, when the AC system doesn’t cool your home properly, it’s a sign that it has low refrigerant levels. This is the chemical responsible for taking the heat and humidity out of the air and cooling it.

Although you may opt to just refill your unit’s refrigerant stock, this is only a short-term solution. A depleted supply of the substance usually indicates that there’s a leak in your system, often occurring somewhere along the pipelines that carry the liquid. You have to get all the cracks and holes along the lines repaired or have your pipes replaced before refilling to ensure that the chemical stays in the system.

Blocked Air Filters

The air in your home often contains dirt like dust and soot. When your HVAC system sucks in air, it can also take in these particles, which can cause its parts to wear out more easily. So, to prevent this from happening, air conditioning intake registers often have filters that keep out dust. However, these particles accumulate on its mesh surface over time, eventually blocking the airflow.

The restricted flow will cause your system to get overworked as it circulates air in your home, leading to bigger energy consumption and worn-out parts. So, periodically have your air filter cleaned or replaced to avoid damaging your machine. 

Holes or Leaks in the Duct System

Holes or leaks in the duct system can occur because of a number of factors, ranging from rodents in the vents to careless home renovation work. Whatever the cause, they should be repaired as soon as possible.

Your AC system relies on an airtight duct network to effectively distribute cold air around your home. Any holes in the channels will allow the air to escape in random spots in your house, even in unwanted places like the inside of your walls. This will result in uneven cooling in different rooms. The AC unit will have to work harder to maintain the internal temperature of your space. An experienced air conditioning contractor can help you detect these holes and make sure they’re sealed properly.

Defective Thermostats

Have you ever turned up your AC system’s cooling capacity to the maximum level only to find that it didn’t make a difference in your home’s actual temperature? The problem may lie in your thermostat. The one on your unit may be inaccurately calibrated, causing the AC to produce the incorrect response. This is common in older units, especially those with dial-type interfaces, as the circuitry of the device tends to deteriorate with age.

It’s harder to control your AC system with a faulty thermostat, so you may not be able to maximize its cooling ability. Get your local air conditioning contractor to replace your thermostat with one that has a new digital interface.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are often located in the outdoor unit of your AC system. These are responsible for dispelling the heat that has been removed from your home. But, because the unit is exposed to the elements, all sorts of debris can get caught on their surface. The wind can easily bring in leaves, twigs, and even soil particles. Any air pollutants will also adhere to them. 

When this happens, the debris can cover large sections of the coils and hinder them from completely releasing the heat outdoors, preventing your AC from effectively cooling your home. The system may also become more easily worn out because of the extra effort it has to put into producing cool air. So, get your condenser coils cleaned frequently to make sure your air conditioning system always works at maximum efficiency.

These are just some of the most common problems you may encounter with air conditioning. Learning about these issues and being more familiar with them can help you spot them earlier. You’ll be able to promptly call for AC repair in Gainesville before the system gets more damaged.