Spice up Your Kitchen With These Design Ideas

Whether you’re renovating your present kitchen or planning a new home, fresh design ideas are always welcome. Some useful design ideas might include one or all of the following suggestions from Onda Electric.

Adding a feature fixture – Incorporating feature fixture where there’s enough space looks great and draws the eye. It could be a chandelier or several pendant lights over an island, counter or seating area. Be sure when choosing a fixture that it matches the aesthetic of the rest of your home.

Adding options for ambient lighting – Different ambient lighting options can create different effects in your kitchen. Ambient lighting is the most common source of lighting in kitchens, for example pot lights or track lighting. Having a few options to choose from when controlled using dimmer switches allow you to change the feeling and mood of your kitchen. It can also be used to make adjustments depending on how much daylight floods your kitchen, the time of year even the direction your kitchen windows face.

Match light temperatures to your home – When purchasing bulbs and fixtures for the kitchen ( especially LED’s ) it’s a good idea to consider the type or color of light that’s being given. Do you want to create a more rustic, homey feel or use white or cool, white lights suit a more modern or industrial aesthetic.

Play with accent lighting – Accent lighting is not usually used when designing a kitchen. The kitchen’s in todays’ homes are more stylish and more than a space to just prepare meals. Installing lighting under cabinets or lighting on top of cabinets are examples of accent lights. Other ideas are lighting behind a glass cabinet door to display cookware or china.

Be creative with task lighting – Task lighting is installed over spots in the kitchen to allow you to see better. It might be a pendant light over the sink or above the kitchen island for doing food prep. While task lighting serves a very useful purpose it can add greatly to the design and ambience of your kitchen.

Whether you’re renovating your current home, planning a new build or needing some electrical upgrades you want to work with an experienced electrician. If you have electrical projects planned in Victoria BC give us a call at Onda Electric and our Victoria electricians will discuss how we can assist you.