I Am Going to Inherit Some Money

Obviously I would have liked to have gotten in on bitcoin a long time ago, back in the big dip or before it took off. At first I assumed that the government was going to take actions to get rid of it or to regulate this entire field of investments. Right now I have been playing around with the bitcoin era app and trying to figure out which of the numerous crypto currencies are going to be the next big thing. More especially I want to figure out which ones are not really on the level. Some of these crypto coins are in fact a lot of hot air and contain little of value. It is foolish to walk in a dangerous situation without any self awareness whatsoever. You want to see where you are going and to know what is what, you simply have to assume that nothing is what it seems to be until you have proven it to be otherwise.

At any rate I am going to have some money to risk soon, My great aunt is very old and in very frail health. I never really knew how valuable her estate was until she had her estate lawyer sit down with me and the other heirs. She had outlived all of her children, one of them died decades ago from an accident in an amateur type road race and the other two died in some way that no one ever wanted to explain to me. I assume that it was not in some normal way that she thought proper to talk about. At any rate I am going to get a very significant amount of money, most of which I have no real immediate need or use of. So I am going to invest a great deal of it and I may well take some risks.