Furnace Maintenance | Helpful Tips

Furnace Maintenance Tips: How to Keep It Running Efficiently

Having an efficient furnace is very crucial, especially during winter. That is why proper maintenance should be done to ensure that nothing will go wrong with the unit. Listed below are some tips to help you keep your heating system running smoothly.

Observe the Pilot Light

Your furnace’s pilot light can tell you how your heating unit is working. This component ignites a continuous stream of gas that helps provide heat throughout your home. Efficient furnace lights can also indicate the ratio or amount of flammable gas being consumed as it is used.

For gas furnaces, the pilot light normally burns blue due to the presence of methane in it. However, if it is producing yellow or different colored flames, it means that carbon monoxide is present, which is highly toxic. Your unit needs immediate maintenance at this point.

Schedule Inspections Annually

Yearly inspections are invaluable because they keep your home’s heating system from breaking down with the help of professional HVAC service technicians. Trained experts will be able to determine if anything needs to be replaced or repaired right away. If needed, they will perform repairs on the spot as well.

Annual inspections are best taken advantage of before the colder seasons. This is because your furnace tends to work harder during late fall, winter, and early spring to keep your indoor temperature at a comfortable level. Professional assessments can help prevent a slew of complications that often happen as a result of the weather.

Replace Furnace Filters

Your home’s furnace filters help remove unwanted dust and other debris from entering your unit. Clogged filters significantly decrease airflow, causing your furnace to work harder and consume more power. Your electric bill may increase, and the HVAC unit could malfunction because of being continuously overworked.

Additionally, clogged filters allow smaller particles of dust to go through. When these are blown out of the HVAC unit and into your home, they can cause health problems. This will pose health risks to household members with respiratory ailments like asthma. Replace your filters regularly to keep your furnace running smoothly and the air in your home clean.

Clean the Unit

As with any machinery, keeping your home furnace clean prolong its life. Be sure to remove any dust or dirt outside of the unit to prevent any of it from entering the furnace. Over time, its housing unit may also be damaged if left unkept.

Also, cleaning out the blower assembly inside the HVAC system is important since air goes through this part after passing through the filter. Accumulated dirt can slow it down and affect your furnace’s performance. These simple tasks can keep your unit running efficiently throughout its lifespan.

Check for Strange Noises and Smells

Pay attention to the sounds your furnace makes. Your home unit will make different types of sounds when it is turned on, off, or blowing out air. Any unfamiliar sounds should prompt you to have it inspected. For example, loud bangs, pops, and rattles could indicate a mechanical problem.

Take note of any weird smells around or nearby your furnace as well. A rotten egg smell, for example, can indicate a gas leak. A musty scent, on the other hand, could be because of an oil leak. If you smell anything metallic, it could mean your unit’s motor needs to be checked.

Keep Vents Clean

Make sure your ventilation system is cleaned well. This can be done by removing the vent itself and vacuuming the ducts whenever possible. Warm air produced by your furnace is pushed out through these parts and into your home. Any blockage can surely affect your unit’s performance.

Any pollen or dust that was not caught by the air filter usually accumulates in ducts and vents too. Cleaning these out can help your family breathe in cleaner air. A professional technician may be able to thoroughly clean your ventilation system as well. Be sure to consult with an expert for any concerns about vent maintenance.

Hire a Professional HVAC Service

Taking the time and effort to conduct proper furnace maintenance will help ensure that your unit will work smoothly and last over time. If you’d rather have an expert handle your HVAC maintenance or if you have any concerns about your equipment, consider hiring a professional. You can be at ease because they have the knowledge and skills to work on your furnace. Call your trusted HVAC company today!