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Buy Used Food Machines

Food processing is a complex procedure that involves different steps like raw material handling and servicing, cleaning, peeling, organizing into parts and components, and further processing like pasteurization, sterilization, manufacturing, preserving and sustaining the food product, as well as, packaging and transportation. These steps require specific machines to outperform your work at the assembly line and make your product more trustworthy and eye-catching for your target customers. These machines come with a cost that may not be bearable if you have just started a new firm and you have limited resources. You don’t need to worry about these costly solutions anymore. We have covered you with a cheaper yet reliable solution for your machinery needs.

Favorable solution

Progressu.de is a favorable solution for your costly machine alternatives. We deal with all kinds of food machines for every sector and every need. If you are eyeing on purchasing used food machinery, …

Freezing Technology Food Industry

Freezing foods and food products is a method of preserving food items by lowering the temperature of the food items to inhibit microorganisms’ growth. This method isn’t an invention of the modern era. It is, in fact, under application for centuries and is always a reliable method to preserve food products at large. In 1842, a patent was issued in Britain for freezing food by immersion in an ice and salt brine. Mechanical refrigeration wasn’t a reality at that time, but refrigeration of food items opted for food preservation and sustainability. In the past, freezing food products was as simple as covering it with a block of freshly carved ice to keep its inner temperature at a low pace. Whit the up-gradation of technology and methods change over the past years, the basic idea remains the same which is to lower the food’s temperature to a suitable degree where germs …