Different Types of Flooring in Madison, WI

If you are looking for flooring in Madison, WI, this article will help you learn about the different benefits of each type. Feel free to read this guide today.

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As a homeowner, choosing the right flooring for your home might be one of the trickiest decisions you need to make. With the different options available in the market, it may be hard to narrow down your decision to a single product. Before you decide, it’s best to find out which suits your needs best. If you are having a hard time deciding which flooring madison wi to use, this article can help you out.

Solid Hardwood

Wood floors are famous for giving a classic yet elegant look. They can easily make a space more inviting, and they also complement the interior of your home. Because of its timeless appeal, more homeowners prefer to use solid hardwood than others.

Another benefit of solid hardwood is that it adds greatly to the value of your home. Compared to other flooring, pre-finished hardwood ages beautifully like a piece of art. It is a type of investment that will surely appreciate over time.

Since solid hardwood is made from natural wood, it is very durable and can last for years. Maintaining them will also be easy. Aside from your usual cleaning routine, you only need to refinish or reapply the stain occasionally, and they will look good as new. 

Engineered Wood

This type of flooring is a technological advancement of solid hardwood. Engineered wood was developed to create a more affordable option for those who want to install hardwood floors. It is made to look just like actual wood and offers more features like moisture resistance. It’s usually made from layers of plywood, fiberboard, or hardwood, which reduces or even blocks moisture. In turn, engineered wood is less prone to damage like swelling or warping.

Installing engineered wood is also easy, giving you other options aside from nailing it down. You can glue or staple it and snap each plank into place. With the tongue-and-groove technology of the engineered wood, it is much faster to get the job done. This also makes the process easy for even a DIY project. 


If you are looking for durable and easy-to-maintain flooring, laminate is the right choice. It is superior when it comes to stain and moisture resistance because of its tough external layer. The outer layer of laminate flooring is made of resin coating, which is longer-lasting than others. This makes it perfect for homes with children and pets.

This flooring is also suitable for homeowners who wish to have a classic, durable surface without breaking the bank. It is inexpensive and offers superior benefits compared to others. Installing it is also affordable, which makes it one of the popular choices by homeowners.

Aside from its durability, laminate also is versatile when it comes to style. It is designed to simulate the authentic look of stone or hardwood. Laminate offers an infinite selection of styles and colors that will surely match the feel of your room.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl has been one of the famous options for homeowners who want a budget-friendly yet stylish floor. It is known for its high-end finishes that make it look just like real wood or stone. Aside from that, it is made up of thick layers that give the surface rigidity just like other solid flooring systems.

This type of flooring is mostly used in rooms that usually get wet like bathrooms and kitchens. Luxury vinyl can withstand moisture and wear and tear, making it one of the easiest flooring to maintain. You don’t have to put in extra effort, such as refinishing, in making it look great. All you need is a broom or mop to clean it.


For years, tiles have been one of the most used flooring in homes. This is mainly because of their resilience and versatility. They have a wide variety of designs that will go well with the feel of your space. You can even mix and match different colors to create a unique design.

Two types of tiles are known for their durability—ceramic and porcelain. They are very tough, making them useful for rooms with high traffic. Tiles are also easy to clean because they resist stains and dirt. With proper care and maintenance, tiles will surely last for years.

Making the Choice

With the different options available, it will be hard to decide which flooring suits your style. Consider narrowing down the different factors like the number of people in your home, allotted budget, and purpose of the room. With this, it can be easier for you to choose the right flooring in Madison, WI.