Solar Panel System for Home – Are They Worth It?

Nowadays, everyone has heard about solar energy and its benefits. Renewable energy sources have been actively discussed for at least the last 15-20 years. The cost of solar panels has dropped several times over the past years, The cost of components for the solar energy system is also decreasing. The decreasing cost of solar panels and the increasing cost of energy make the purchase and installation of solar panels on the house more and more attractive.

The cost of solar panels makes them not only a way to use green electricity but also a good investment of money. Ask yourself, which of your purchases have generated cash flow over the past 10 years? Almost everything we buy brings us some benefit but does not make us money. If we look at the costs that any house requires, almost all of them only consume this money – repairs, painting, housekeeping, house improvements, construction work, etc. Simultaneously, any properly installed solar panel system produces electricity every moment the sun’s rays fall on the solar panel. This electricity replaces energy that you would otherwise consume from the grid and would have to pay for it. The solar battery continuously generates a positive stream of money, which provides a return on the investment. 

What motivates people to install solar panel systems?

When you buy solar panels for your home, you invest in a genuinely exclusive product that combines a long lifespan, virtually zero maintenance costs, and can generate energy.  Imperial Trading Solutions Ltd. conducted an analysis of the motives that stimulate our customers to install solar panel systems in their homes.

The desire to be independent from power grids and from failures in the networks. No more power outages at the most unpredictable moments. You are the producer, and you are the end-user of the product. It is only your responsibility for the quality of the product you get. Amazing!

Interest in new technologies. Solar energy for home is a novelty that can not but attract the attention of everyone. Those who are passionate about technology and smart options for home can not stand but try solar energy systems to underline their state-of-the-art position in society.

Environmental concerns. Fossil fuels have an impact on the environment, public health, and the economy. The electric energy obtained from coal or natural gas combustion can never exceed the amount of energy used to extract, transport, and process coal or natural gas. Unlike traditional sources, solar panels produce clean energy for tens of years, with the 3 years return on investment.

The desire to be independent from the rise of electricity prices. When you buy a solar panel for home, you “fix” the cost of the electricity it produces. Can you imagine that you would now be offered to buy gasoline at a price that was 20 years ago? When buying a solar battery for your home, you can “fix” the price of electricity generated by a solar power plant for 20-40 years in advance.

With this evidence, will you wait until solar panels get cheaper, or will you choose to install a solar power system in your home right now? In our opinion, the question is rhetorical. Of course, right now is the best time to buy and install solar panels on your roof. Become independent, return your money in 3 years, and start saving each month.