Best Mortgage Brokers Toronto

For anyone looking for a mortgage broker in Toronto it’s important to have a broker who has access to a variety of banks, financial institutions or alternative lenders. When it comes to mortgages each client has individual circumstances so you want a broker with the experience to guide you through the process. The following is a partial list of the best brokers or companies in Toronto:

James Laird, True North Mortgage

Matthew McKillen, Toronto Mortgage Planners

Monster Mortgage

First Toronto Mortgage

Rakhi Madan Mortgage Agent, Dominion Lending Centers

Rakhi Madan is a mortgage specialist who knows the value of relationships with her clients as well as with lenders and insurers. Access to 80 different lenders, 7200 different mortgage options and close relationships with nearly all insurers and lenders result in a mortgage to fit each individual client.


From your first meeting with Rakhi it quickly becomes apparent that building strong relationships with her clients is a priority. When it comes to mortgages each of us has very individual needs. Rakhi Madan has the expertise to assist a variety of clients including those new to Canada, first time buyers, for mortgage renewals, those with bruised credit or needing to consolidate debt.

A home is usually the largest purchase most of us make in a lifetime and applying for a mortgage can be very overwhelming. When you meet with a loans officer at a bank you may not even meet with the same person each time. As you work with a mortgage broker you see the same broker each time, one who will be familiar with your lending needs. Mortgage specialists are aware of any current regulations with regard to borrowing for first time buyers, or new Canadians and will be there to guide your through the whole process.

Recognition from those within their industry is an indication that a mortgage broker is a leader in their field. While it is nice to be recognized what matters most for Rakhi is helping her clients achieve their goals and dreams. Rakhi Madan wants your repeat business the very next time there are changes to your circumstances, a renewal of move in your future, because life happens. As you read through the many positive reviews clients have posted you know that Rakhi Madan works to get results for all her clients.