Try these extra hacks for an organised fridge

You already know that an organised fridge is essential to avoid wasting food and that it helps keep things fresh, is easier to clean and even saves you time searching for that must-have food you are sure is in there somewhere. Check out these seven extra hacks that will help you have a fridge so organised, you will burst with pride.

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Extra hack 1

Maximise your fridge door space by placing a cardboard egg box inside it. Fill it up with bottles of things like sauce and mustard turned upside down.

You can efficiently store a surprising number of bottles of sauce and mustard in this way.

Extra hack 2

Before you go shopping, take a picture of the inside of your fridge. This is a great memory jogger and should avoid doubling up on perishables that then go rotten.

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Extra hack 3

Identify who comes along and messes up a tidy fridge as they rummage around inside it, then create a labelled box that contains the items they are looking for. This is a good solution if you share a kitchen with perpetual snackers or kids who are constantly looking for treats.

Extra hack 4

Cover your fridge with special chalkboard paint and create an everlasting notice board. Now you can make a note of what you need and what needs eating that nobody can ignore. Be sure to keep the chalk handy!

Extra hack 5

If you are managing commercial cold rooms, be careful to store delicate food items well away from the fans to reduce the risk of freezer burn. If you are looking to buy something like this, contact a specialist commercial kitchen supplier such as for advice on which model would suit your needs the best.

Extra hack 6

Salad is very prone to wilting, rotting and being binned, so act first. Chopping and making it up into ready-to-eat servings and storing it in Mason jars will keep it fresh.

Extra hack 7

Domestic fridges always seem to have a narrow shelf above the salad drawer that is good for nothing much. Transform that dead space with a couple of those special slide-on mini drawers you can find online. They are shallow enough to squeeze a bit of use out of a usually wasted space.