Deck Refinishing Services

Deck Refinishing Services by Affordable Deck Solutions

    Deck refinshing can be a very beautiful thing. It can also be dreaded and feared especially with some of the hot summer days we expierence in Colorado. Refinishing a deck the right way brings our specialist pride at the end of a long hot day. They get to stand back drink a nice cold drink and marvel in the beauty of there work.

    Were proud of our name Affordable Deck Solutions and we gladly live up to it day in and out. Check out this youtube video we made at a Deck refinishing job we did in Aurora, CO Deck Refinishing Video 

    There are many levels to refinishing a deck. Many factors go into determining how intense of a job you need done. If you maintain your deck pretty regularly there is a good chance you could pressure wash it and restain it. Everyone wants this as this is the least expensive option. However this is not always the best option. If money is tight and you just need to cover your wood for a season till money is better this will do in a pinch.

    As i mentioned earlier I live in Colorado and hail is somewhat common here so much so that homeowners here get hail damage insurance and sometimes insurance companies pay for me to sand out the hail damage and refinish your deck. Hail damage alone can keep a deck from having a quick cheap refinish job even if you just did it. 

    The type of product used really effects what needs to be done and how often. Oil based stain is probably the prettiest yet the hardest to maintain. Unlike water based products it actually penetrates the wood, it doesnt just sit on top. With water based products if you dont see the color paint. then your wood is not protected just because you dont see pigment in oil based doesnt mean your wood is not being protected because it actually penetrated the wood. 

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