How to run a safer garage

For many of us, motors are a passion from a young age. Some are beguiled by their styling and performance, others fascinated by how they work. Whatever your passion, it’s a privilege to work on them and managing a garage is a rewarding vocation.

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However, despite the number of vehicles on the roads, the garage business is a very competitive market. Car manufacturing is dominated by international companies, and economies of scale trickle down making it hard for independents and new start-ups.

If you’re going to make it in this market, efficiency and organisation are paramount. Organised garages are safe garages.

Protective apparel

The welfare of employees is a matter of life and death in more ways than one. Can you afford for them to be injured, sick, or so uncomfortable they’re looking for another job? Providing personal protective equipment is EU law, but can you make them wear it? Make sure that you have ample clean supplies readily accessible from a designated run of racking. For industrial shelving Ireland has plenty of suppliers, and if you want racking to last you need a strong consistent design from reliable suppliers.

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Some people think grubby overalls prove they’re hard working. Unfortunately, modern customers don’t see it that way. Smart workers give the impression you know what you’re doing. Providing ample supplies in the company’s livery is your chance to create the best first impression.

The same goes for the whole garage. Keeping it tidy keeps it safe and raises morale. Don’t make female drivers and businessmen afraid to step out of their cars.

Designated areas

Different types of work should be carried out in different areas – ideally different rooms and safety can greatly reduce accidents (see

Maintain designated locations for fire extinguishers, sand buckets, and first-aid. In particular, designate a safe location for waiting customers. In open-plan facilities, you can create zones using shelving. To be freestanding it must be the right quality so take expert advice. For industrial shelving Ireland has great suppliers like Rackzone.

Disciplined procedures

Most workers know what they’re doing, but we’re all tempted to cut corners in a rush. Don’t rely on accidents to remind them what the rules were for. The temptation to rush is caused by a lack of routine, so having everything properly organised encourages everyone to work by the book.